Here are things that you should know about dating a single mother. Part one.

1. You will not be number one – The mother-child bond is intense. If you want to get along with a single mother, do not expect her to place your wants and needs before those of her child. Do not try to make her choose because truth be told ……she will not choose you over her child. Take solace however, in the fact that there is enough space for both of you in her heart…..

2. She is not looking for a father for her child – she may be raising a child on her own but do not assume that she is desperate for a replacement for her child’s father. He may not be in their lives but she has male role models for him. She wants to know you and enjoy your company. Stop trying to play daddy to her child.

3. The ex factor – When there is a child involved, it is possible that there is an ex lurking in the shadows. You have no reasons to get jealous or paranoid. They may be co-parenting but I she is with you. If she wanted to be with him, she would be with him!

4. She has no time for games – The best thing about dating a single mother is perhaps the fact that she has seen it all and she knows exactly what she wants. and will not play mind games with you. She will also not sit by the phone waiting for you to call her. If you are interested in her, make your intentions clear. If she thinks you are too much trouble, she will steer clear of you. The only games that she has time for are those that she plays with her child.

5. She is not looking to be rescued – You may imagine that because she is raising a child alone, she is looking for a man to rescue her. That she is looking to settle down as soon as possible is perhaps the biggest misconception about the single mother. She may have dreams of want to settling down sometime in the future but this is after she has found someone good enough not only for her but also for her child.

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To be continued …….


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